Body Wisdom for Transformation

Like most people, my spiritual journey has been full of ups and downs.  There have been times of bliss, joy and direct connection and moments where the Divine seems a million miles away.  The farther I have traveled into the depths of my being and into the wide multiplicity of the Universe, the more I see that all experience is here to bring us into a greater sense of new life and living.  The journey has often brought invitations too amazing to be explained sometimes wrapped in more challenge and pain than I knew I could deal with.  This has given me a different perspective on the roll of difficulty in my life.  All pain is an invitation.  All judgement is a flag telling me that there is a hurt inside me that is being projected.  These things don't feel good, but they are gifts.  Sometimes when I am at my most centered, I can greet these experiences with laughter and love.  When I companion others, I see them as the gateway to more life and more love.

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