Sarah Cledwyn

Spiritual Guide & Healer

  • Expand your conscious awareness on this lifelong journey of awakening.

  • Deepen and embellish your lived experience to receive guidance and love.

  • Come Home to yourself as the entire Universe powered by Life upwelling.

  • My role as a guide and a healer is to be deeply connected to the Life at the heart of everything and attentive to the present moment.  This allows me to be a conduit of Divine love creating the conditions for you to come deeply home to your Source, to self heal those places that need more love, and to support you in living the fullness of your awakening.  As we sit with one another, tending to the movements of every day life, we discover the golden treasure hiding in all life experience. The beginning of all awakening is awareness. From the space of awareness we heal, grow, flourish and expand.  Individual work with a guide is a path leading at the same time inward towards our Source, and outwards towards easeful and inspired living ever more fully realized as the Divine beings we are.




    Sarah’s specialty is using the tools that she has to help you listen to your own inner compass. 


    Jennifer Cisar


    "Sarah is like a sherpa for my mind and spirit."




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Taking Clear Steps into the Unknown

Exploring the Power of the Spiritual Practice

In many ways this past year has brought numerous disruptions to our lives, a global pandemic that has rearranged so many aspects of life, emerging consciousness and horror around racial oppression and violence, environmental stress and damage- all of these global in scale and even in less disrupted times there are always more personal disruptions- the loss of a loved one, job, health or a dream.  These times are the most difficult and the most full of promise that we may ever experience.  There is no guarantee that everything will be ok or that we will bounce back better than ever, but it is a sure thing that nothing stays the same and something new will come out of every ending.  The question is are we game to co-create our life moving forward starting with where we are or will we project our creative power out to people and circumstances while we live partly alive in this moment and partly mired in the past?


And now everything is opening up and where does that leave us?


And this is the moment, right now, where we can notice and choose; where we can transform death into life, fear into a kind of fierce living love. This is our choice point to become fully alive- to face what is changing with courage and dream into the possibility of a new day full of magic.


Join Spiritual Director and Healer Sarah Cledwyn for a six month oddysey of spiritual practice starting July 15 to the solstice.  You will uncover your path and learn new ways to experience life.   We will have a fantastic time playing with intention, experience, and integration to identify what is emerging for you and how to operate in space of clairty in our new normal of uncertainty. 


Meet with Sarah to explore whether exploring spiritual practice is the right next step in your journey.  Something amazing will emerge as it always does in session with Sarah. 

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